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I’m calling it. Remote working just doesn’t work in South Korea.

I’m a month into my remote working journey. I’m surprised, confused, proud and exhausted that I’ve made it this far.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, I have largely avoided working from home. I have had an odd couple of days at home here and a few half-day in-person meetings there. But mostly, it has been me at a desk in an office with endless supplies of sugary snacks and shit coffee.

South Korea has not made working from home a mandatory thing over the last two years. We are now in our fourth wave of the pandemic, and social…

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Up until a few weeks ago, I had never worried about my blood oxygen level.

I didn’t even know what blood oxygen really meant. Especially as a healthy 25-year-old. Does my blood breathe? Is my oxygen bleeding? Who knows, I barely passed high school biology.

I also never cared about how long I spent standing up during the day. I didn’t get a haptic wrist vibration every time my phone got a notification. Life was simpler. Easier. But now the Apple-verse has taken full control of my life.

A singular cellular phone call is complete chaos for me now.

A phone call while I’m seated near my iMac, wearing my Apple watch, with my iPhone nearby and my iPad next to me is CHAOS. They all…

Do you know what is really missing in my life right now? A bunch of little creative projects that take up most of my time and brain space. As a bonus, they also make me question my abilities as a designer and as an artist and human. It’s really such a shame. Just kidding, I’ve added my 4,569th creative project to my imposter syndrome roll call (a list of my life’s projects that will be read out to me one by one as I enter the gates of hell). It’s a newsletter! And you can get it for free in…

Hello, Internet 👋🏼

Boy have I just discovered the coolest internet thing since sliced bread memes. You probably guessed it, I’m talking about MIT Media Lab’s Scratch Pose Blocks extension add-on situation that enables you to use extensions like face tracking, Google's poseNet and Teachable Machine. You didn’t guess that? From the title? Oh, I see... I don’t see actually. I very much lost my train of thought. Where are we?

If you are like me and have been trying to learn how to use Tensorflow’s amazing machine learning libraries… without much luck, then this is the perfect tool for you!

This is the Duplo equivalent of machine learning for beginners who aren’t quite ready to build a Japanese Lego House. Sorry, that was a terrible analogy. …

Hi internet. I’m an app designer who thinks that apps are never the solution. How many apps do you actually use that serve a purpose in your life? Your answer is probably less than 10. Maybe none depending on your relationship with technology and other humans. Maybe you don’t even have a phone. Maybe you’re unaware of what an app actually is. Woah, this just got too meta. Let’s bring the conversation back to wherever it was I was trying to go with this introduction.

I think where I was going was somewhere along the lines of ‘Hi, I love…

I decided to start a YouTube channel to share design tutorials and talk about apple products. When I need a quick tutorial for a project at work, I usually depend on YouTube tutorials because they’re just so reliable! I have KIND of noticed that there aren’t too many women talking about design and tech on the internet so I wanted a way to contribute to the conversation. Let’s see how it goes.

For my first video, I screen recorded myself designing my YouTube branding. These days I like to be in bed before 12, so I had to do a quick design, quickly edit the screen recording and slap together this article! I have three minutes to spare before it’s time to hit the hay, so enjoy! Feel free to subscribe to my channel for more content in the future!

Teachable Machine (TM) is Google’s generous way to make machine learning more accessible. You can train models to recognise images, sounds and body poses by classifying your own input images. As an example, you could teach TM to identify your left and right head movements as two separate classes, which could then be used to control a mini-game of snake in ml5 in your browser. Oh wait, that’s exactly what my internet hero The Coding Train did. Cool stuff!

When making a pose project (using body tracking), TM gives you the choice of uploading images or inputting live images with…

To get my 2021 off to a fresh start, I started refining my portfolio to make it more Dribbble appropriate. You can check that out here and feel free to give me all the feedback! Through the process of trying to make my portfolio look a bit cleaner, I decided to neaten up some of my old illustrations and visualisations… which I will probably spend the rest of my life doing. Here is what I learned from this process.

#1 — Do you wish you knew then what you know now? That’s kind of the whole point…

We all have those ‘ah-ha’ moments when we learn a new skill or idea and wish we could rush back in…

With my company working from home, I have been given the gift of time. The two hours per day that I would have been spent shuffling on and off crowded buses are now being put to better use. I have been drawing more, cooking more, doing more home workouts, and I finally watched The Queen’s Gambit like the Netflix sheep that I am. In fact, I was able to draw so much that I actually got the point where I was happy with my work! This is a cool new feeling for me, the control freak perfectionist that I am.

Johanna Quinn

Product Manager at an EdTech Startup in Seoul / From Melbourne / /

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