How to actually store your passwords using Notion

Hi internet. I’m an app designer who thinks that apps are never the solution. How many apps do you actually use that serve a purpose in your life? Your answer is probably less than 10. Maybe none depending on your relationship with technology and other humans. Maybe you don’t even have a phone. Maybe you’re unaware of what an app actually is. Woah, this just got too meta. Let’s bring the conversation back to wherever it was I was trying to go with this introduction.

I think where I was going was somewhere along the lines of ‘Hi, I love Notion’. Or perhaps it was more like, ‘hi, I love Notion and if their servers are ever damaged in a global warming related natural disaster, I would probably need to retire from Earth’. I actually wouldn’t be retiring because I lost all of my work, I’d just give up on the concept of human-ing and earth dwelling all together. I obviously back up my Notion every month or so.

But let’s get to the real reason while we’re all here. Notion is the only app you’ll ever need so here’s how to keep your passwords all together in a nice little password cult so you never get locked out of your NeoPets account ever again.

Here we go:

Step 1: In a new page labelled ‘Period Calendar’ or ‘Nonna’s Bolognese Recipe’ or something equally inconspicuous, start a toggle list. I’m just kidding, name your page ‘Passwords’ because the whole reason to do this is to make our lives simpler and who are we kidding, we haven’t cooked a meal with a recipe since 2019.

Step 2: write the name of the website or service in your toggle list. Within the toggle, write your ID and password. Always store your passwords with cool FBI code so that nobody can hack your FarmVille account and do whatever the hell we all did on FarmVille in 2009 with your account. I learned this hack from my mum. She’s a genius.

Step 3: keep adding to your list whenever you sign up for another useless app or website. You should end up with a juicy list. Hide all of the toggles so that you can find things more easily, then take a sip of your kombucha latte and thank me later.

So, whenever I need to find a password, I scroll through my list to find the company or website name, open the toggle and find the password.

This keeps all of my passwords safe and super easy to find.

I also categorise my passwords into groups. E.g. Banking, Online Shopping, Blog etc…

I cannot tell you how much time this has saved me. I’ve saved at least 10 minutes of my life so far. That’s valuable time I could have spent writing this article at work instead of doing my actual work.

Before using notion, I stored my PWs like this in the Notes app like a fool.

I also write the dates for passwords that need to be changed regularly. When I do change the password, I update the date in the title and delete any old passwords connected to that account.

Thank you for listening to my TED Talk. As you’ve probably guessed, I have a great social life and plenty of friends. If you couldn’t guess that, then check out my linkz and let’s connect.


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